Get ready to sweat...

  • Strong dynamic class focused on movement and creative flow sequences.
  • Builds heat in the body leading to greater strength, flexibility & awareness.
  • Dynamic asanas or postures lead to a union (yoke) of mind to muscles, breath to body.
  • Basic Vinyasa gives you time and space to learn the essentials with precise explanation of poses and teacher support - we recommend one of these for your first yoga practice.
  • Vinyasa (Strong) offers the opportunity expand your practice with challenge postures. Experience of some yoga is recommended. 

Rocket Flow 

Fast, playful flow...

  • A strong class based upon the Ashtanga primary series, Rocket 'gets you there faster' by keeping you moving from start to finish
  • Flow through standing, balancing, seated and inverted postures, using the breath to guide you through this moving meditation. 
  • A challenging class for those wanting to progress with their yoga practice.

Forrest Flow

Physical and emotional healing...

  • There are four pillars to Forrest Yoga providing the foundation for the practice: Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit. Developed by Ana Forrest to address the physical and emotional challenges we face day to day.
  • Be prepared to sweat as we hold the poses just that little bit longer. These long holds help you build strength, flexibility and rejuvenate every cell. 
  • Guided by breath the intelligent sequencing combined with magical assists will allow you to truly connect to yourself bringing you back to feeling within your body.
  • Suitable for those working with injuries, it is a strong yet therapeutic practice both physically and emotionally.


Rocket to Yin

Movement to Stillness...

  • Comprised of a dynamic Yang flow and cooling Yin sequence, this class is the best of both worlds
  • Build heat with 45-minutes of dynamic modified Rocket, designed to wake up the nervous system and renew vitality by ‘getting you there faster’
  • The last 30-minutes involves grounding Yin postures that are held between 3-6 minutes encouraging connective tissue, tendons, fascia and ligaments to relax.
  • Unwind, release and meditate into Sunday evenings

Yoga Focus

Informed and strengthening...

  • Learn correct action in yoga poses to enhance body mind connection and somatic awareness, as well as cultivate a focused, meditative state.
  • You will cover all varieties of poses, including standing poses, forward bends, backbends, arm balances and inversions in a way that balances both skill and action, steadiness and ease.
  • This class is suitable for all levels, expect to be challenged to inform and strengthen your practice.


Strengthening and controlled...

  • Ashtanga means 'the eight limbs of yoga' as reference to Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.
  • Practice derived from the teachings of Pattabhi Jois in the 1940s and based on fixed sequences.
  • The first focus is the breath, feel the breath: it becomes and inner mantra that relaxes the mind. Each movement has its breath creating a deep moving meditation.
  • The practice creates a deep internal heat and strengthening the body it makes our inner energy flow from our bandhas (energy locks) to the whole body.
  • Open level class with modifications.

Yoga Brunch

Rise, shine and dine....

  • A 90 minute awakening dynamic vinyasa class every Sunday morning
  • Option to stay after class for a delicious brunch prepared by the lovely ladies at Brunswick East Coffee. All locally sourced, organic and prepared on site
  • It's up to you whether you stay for brunch with us or come simply for class. Book in for class through our website, and let us know before hand if you'll stay for eats, or decide on the day.


Connect with yourself and baby...

  • For expectant mothers who have various levels of yoga experience and want to cultivate awareness of the body and breath in preparation for labour.
  • Enjoy pregnancy with greater comfort and ease, connecting with baby physically and emotionally.
  • Classes are taught by Kate Adams, qualified and taught by Nadia Narain at Triyoga.
  • Classes upon request. Please contact us to book a class with Kate.


Imaginary exploration....

  • Each session involves imaginary exploration, reading and retelling a story with yoga poses.
  • Accompanying parents are welcome to join the classes, or relax in Brunswick East Coffee whilst their little ones practice.
  • Classes are taught by Lucy, a qualified Primary School and Yoga Teacher, who teaches at a local Outstanding OFSTED school.
  • Classes upon request. Please contact us if you have any little ones who want to come and explore yoga with us.