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Anatomy for Asana - Grounding the feet, legs and pelvis

Nothing lasting is built on a shaky foundation. These days some of us are in such a rush to stand on our hands we forget how to stand on our feet.

This two hour workshop will focus on the anatomy of the lower body - the feet and ankles, how they relate to the knees, groins and pelvis and how to integrate them together to find balance and stability and avoid common injuries and strain that may show up years later. Expect a balance of theory and practice and to work with a range of props to cultivate and 'wake up' the body's natural intelligence.

Nathalie Mukusheva has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching full time since 2010. Before committing herself entirely to yoga she trained in ballet. floor-barre and contortion. She has always considered it a privilege to share every bit of knowledge she has acquired along the way with every student no matter what their level of experience and is renowned for her precise teaching method, detailed alignment cues and making seemingly difficult postures accessible to each individuals level.

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