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Tune Up Tap In Turn On

A Kundalini Yoga workshop with Ashley Jones

Turn challenges into opportunities for growth, as we journey deep within to unlock an innate inner power and potential. You’re invited to bring an area of your life that you feel is stuck or not flowing fully to the mat to be transformed. Expect to be challenged and soothed you as you access a very tangible power within that can move beyond any perceived obstacle or block. An immersive workshop that creates the space for expansion and growth that flows both on and off the mat.

The power to unlock, unblock and transform lies within us all!

Kundlaini Yoga means to unite and it awakens the life force energy which lies mostly dormant at the base of the spine. Through Kundalini yoga we can prepare our selves for experiencing higher states of awareness and consciousness, creating a deeper connection to self. Classes are a dynamic blend of postures, pranayam, music, mantra and meditation, which teach the art of relaxation, self-healing and elevation. It is a powerful practice that will increase your vitality and ability to heal, energize and balance your glandular and nervous system, strengthen your body and clarify and uplift your mind

Ashley is a compassionate and intuitive teacher with over 10 years experience to share. Her sessions are dynamic, friendly, fun and delivered with a down to earth approach.  Ashley is also a life coach and thrives on creating the space for expansion and growth both on and off the mat. She believes there is a way through every perceived obstacle or block and encourages her students to tap into their full potential whilst having a good time doing it.

£20 tickets available here or via the MINDBODY app