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Yoga Life Drawing

Life drawing is about observing the human form and drawing the shapes it creates. Yogis throw some pretty awesome shapes that are both challenging and fun to draw. With the help of Illustrator, Kate Philipson, we are launching a monthly workshop where you can draw (fully clothed) models striking amazing yoga poses.

Like yoga, drawing is a moving meditation. So whether you are a professional artist or haven’t picked up a pen in years, life drawing is a great way to relax and unlock creativity. Each Yoga Life Drawing class will begin with a short yoga sequence to get your mind and body warmed up and ready to draw. After which, you’ll sit back with your sketchbook and let the yoga model do the work. Yoga Life Drawing is open to everyone - no yoga or artistic experience required. Places are limited, Yoga mats, props and art materials are provided, but you are welcome to bring along your own. And if you needed any more persuading…post yoga tea and treats will be provided.

Our yoga models come in all shapes and sizes, so each session will bring new challenges. They are also all experienced yoga teachers, so will give insight into the correct alignment of the postures you’ll be drawing.

Our next model is the outstanding, well-known teacher across London, Nathalie Mukusheva. Nathalie has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching full time since 2010. Before committing herself entirely to yoga she trained in ballet. floor-barre and contortion. She has always considered it a privilege to share every bit of knowledge she has acquired along the way with every student no matter what their level of experience and is renowned for her precise teaching method, detailed alignment cues and making seemingly difficult postures accessible to each individuals level.

Kate Philipson is a graphic illustrator and keen yogi. She set up East London's first Yoga Life Drawing group so that she could combine and share her passions, realising that both can bring people a sense understanding, empowerment and freedom through creativity. Check out her work and if you like it, follow her on instagram @leopardslunch.

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