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Breathwork for Empowerment

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Are you ready to release the old stories that are no longer serving you - and to write a whole new story? One that is bright, clear and joyous - and full of meaning and purpose?

Breathwork is a transformative technology that facilitates emotional release and clears space for a heart that feels grounded in the present. A three-part pranayamic breath technique, Breathwork helps us to level up our frequency so that we are more aligned with our true home vibration of freedom and love. No need to think thoughts here or to mentally go over your painful stories  - it’s time to just breathe and let the body do the rest!

Lucy will also be teaching you how you can amplify your Breathwork experience with crystals. On the day, we will be working with the loving energy of Rose Quartz. Everyone will receive a Reiki infused Rose Quartz crystal on the day to take home with them. A cosmic soundtrack, essential oils, hands on Reiki and sacred smudging are all provided as part of the circle. As is an opportunity for discussion and questions!

This Breathwork circle is open to both beginners and those who have been to a Breathwork circle before. All genders are welcome. 

Lucy North is a Breathwork Healer, as trained by David Elliott and Erin Telford, and is also a certified Reiki healer. Having recently been featured on W Magazine’s video for International Women’s Day, she currently runs Goddess / Wild Woman storytelling circles in London and New York – and also writes about the Divine Feminine for The Numinous.

Psst…haven’t tried Breathwork before?

 Here are some testimonials from Lucy North’s recent Breathwork circles…

“Breathwork with Lucy was an incredible experience. She held space in the room for each of us and we each felt comfortable and supported to take part fully. I had never tried Breathwork before now, so I didn’t know what to expect. It was unforgettable and I will definitely be coming back. Thank you”

- Isobel, London


“The Breathwork session I had with Lucy was beyond words. I am still feeling the positive effects and cathartic release after having session with her a few weeks ago.”

- Marie, New York


“I absolutely had no idea what I was walking into when I signed up for a Breathworks session. What I experienced was beyond profound, beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I honestly feel reborn and refreshed. Thank you, Lucy. I cannot even begin to express the immense gratitude and appreciation I have towards you for sharing this experience.”

- Janine, New York


“Lucy guides you effortlessly through the Breathwork techniques and is a constant reassuring presence throughout. Her practice incorporates a feast for the senses, she uses delicious essential oils and herbs and her playlist is awesome! Lucy’s Breathwork practice left me feeling deeply in touch with myself, grounded and amazingly free.”

- Rebecca, London

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